Why buy a Handcrafted Goats milk soap?

Natural, handcrafted, goat's milk soap is a great alternative to store bought soaps that contain harsh detergents. Goat's milk is about the same PH level of our skin and also contains lactic acid, for alpha hydroxy skin rejuvenation. I hear from people all the time, how amazed they are that the goat's milk soap makes their skin so smooth and eliminates the need for so much lotion and creams. People with eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, contact dermatitis and other skin disorders all agree that getting the chemicals off your skin and using natural products help them tremendously. Our goat's milk soaps just make you feel good! Old World traditional handmade products are far better than anything you could possibly buy at the *Big Brand Name* stores, so relax and have a great experience shopping here.....enjoy ;)